LIVE – PSG: Galtier announces the return of Messi on January 2 or 3

LIVE – PSG: Galtier announces the return of Messi on January 2 or 3

The Parisian group fell

As expected, Kylian Mbappé and Neymar are well in the PSG group for the recovery against Strasbourg this Wednesday. Among the main absentees, besides Lionel Messi, still in Argentina, Presnel Kimpembe is not there due to an Achilles tendon injury. Nuno Mendes, injured during the World Cup, is also forfeited as is Renato Sanches.

“We start from zero”, launches Galtier

“It will be difficult (against Strasbourg) because it is a team which is playing its survival and which has had time to prepare well. When it is complete, it imposes with its attackers. We are wrong if we based on the ranking, we start from scratch. We had a good start to the season because the players were serious, demanding and had great determination. We will have to have all that tomorrow at kick-off because we must not forget that there was a six-week cut.”

Sanches unavailable against Strasbourg

“He won’t be available for tomorrow’s game. He’s been upset with a bruise. I have no doubt that he’s back to the level he was at at Lille. His return during the break showed me that he was not very far from his best level.”

Galtier on a third tactical organization

“This third organization should be used to make up for absences on the offensive or defensive level. But it is very important to consolidate in a scheme in which the players feel best.”

“No better remedy than to return quickly to your club”, according to Galtier

“Our teams have shared a lot with the players to get the feeling. There is no better remedy than coming back to your club as soon as possible after their breaks to regain the taste for competition. I see that everyone is very mentally available and happy to play together.”

Galtier regrets the scheduling of matches on January 2

“What concerns me is that we play in the afternoon on January 2. Everyone will have returned to work and school, the stadiums will not be full.”

Galtier on Neymar’s physical condition

“We saw his injury, his swollen ankle but he was able to play two games behind. The first, he may have played it at a slower pace, the second was more committed and we saw the magnificent goal that he scored. Unfortunately behind it was the elimination of Brazil. That means he was able to get treatment in the meantime and he had a twelve-day cut. He stayed at home in Brazil with his entire medical team around from him to treat this ankle. When he came back on December 22, he worked indoors and immediately afterwards he worked outdoors in the normal way, without restriction. He is physically fine, his ankle is fine. On a mental level he really wants to play, so that’s a good sign, it’s very good.”

Galtier hails Mbappé’s exemplary attitude after the final

“I don’t comment on the way we celebrate, it belongs to the Argentinians. I don’t have to deal with the case of the Argentinian goalkeeper. The most important thing is what I saw in the final. Kylian and Leo caught each other hand, there is also Kylian’s exemplary attitude after the game and before the trophy presentation. He congratulated Leo and the Argentine coach. I remain attached to that, the relationship between Kylian and Leo. This is not not Leo who chambered, we have to leave him out of it. There is no reason to mix everything up, I don’t have to comment on the behavior of the goalkeeper. Kylian had a very good attitude having lost. He was very disappointed but he was able to congratulate Leo with a lot of class, it’s very good for the club.”

Galtier announces Messi return on January 1 or 2

On the prematurely eliminated Globalists. “They are available for the match. Regarding Neymar, Marquinhos, Vitinha and the Spaniards, they had ten, twelve days off. Everyone returned on the scheduled dates. We managed on a case-by-case basis, there are those who were eliminated earlier than expected. They are training normally.”

“Hakimi played all the World Cup matches and wanted to join us as soon as possible. Just like Kylian who played all the matches with great performances, After talking with him and all my teams, he wanted us to join quickly. It doesn’t mean that there will be a time when they will have to recover.”

“Leo also had a great World Cup. Due to his victory and the celebrations in Argentina, we decided that he was going to cut until January 1. He will join us on the 2nd or 3rd to resume competition with us. “

The medical point before Strasbourg

– Presnel Kimpembe (Achilles tendon) absent for four weeks

– Nuno Mendes (hamstring) out for two weeks

– Renato Sanches (contusion) will resume training individually at the weekend

– Timothée Pembélé back in collective training this week

Galtier announces Messi’s return ‘at the start of the year’

“We did it on a case-by-case basis, there are the players eliminated very early who had ten or twelve days and who all returned on time. Those who went further like Hakimi who made a very big cut I’m thinking of Kylian (Mbappé) and Leo (Messi). Hakimi and Kylian wanted to come back quickly with us in the group. Leo (Messi) due to his geographical location and his victory, he will join us at the start year after ten, eleven days of cut. We will reintegrate it as we go. The idea was that everyone stays in touch during the World Cup.

Galtier: “all in a hurry to resume competition”

“It’s going well after six weeks off and this beautiful world. We find our players, we are all in a hurry to resume competition.”

Mbappé and Neymar should play against Strasbourg

After returning to training last week, Kylian Mbappé and Neymar should have playing time against Strasbourg this Wednesday, when Ligue 1 resumes (9 p.m.). The two PSG stars participated in the last collective sessions at Camp des Loges. Christophe Galtier will be questioned on this subject this Tuesday.

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