Riyadh Season Team-PSG (1-1) / Friendly / Riyadh Season Team-PSG / SOFOOT.com

Riyadh Season Team-PSG (1-1) / Friendly / Riyadh Season Team-PSG / SOFOOT.com

Riyadh Season Team 1-1 PSG

Goals: Ronaldo (34esp) for the Saudis // Messi (3e) for Parisians.
Expulsion: Bernat (39e) among Parisians.
Riyadh Season Team (4-4-2): Al Owais – Al Ghanam, Soo Jang, Al Bulayhi, Abdulhamid – Al Dawsari, Luiz Gustavo, Al Khaibari, Martinez – C. Ronaldo, Marega. Coach : Marcelo Gallardo.

Paris-SG (4-3-3): Navas – Hakimi, Marquinhos, Ramos, Bernat – Ruiz, Soler, Renato Sanches – Messi, Neymar, Mbappe. Coach : Christophe Galtier.

40 ‘: On a Saudi counter, Al Dawsari goes for goal but Bernat comes to annihilate the action in the position of last defender. Paris will finish at ten!


36′: Besides, if you still haven’t read the real story of Penaldo, it’s now!

34′: IT’S TRANSFORMED!! Ronaldo responds to Messi, like in the good old days!

33′: And so a penalty for the Saudis!

32′: Oh the big clash between Navas and Ronaldo! After a free kick shot towards the surface, the goalkeeper misses his exit and elbows the Portuguese star, stunned.

29′: They will still let CR7 score, right? A little peno, like at the World Cup.

27′: Messi hits from afar but it’s diverted for a corner! This does nothing.

25′: Well launched by Messi, Mbappé plays with the goalkeeper and scores in the empty goal… but he is signaled offside.

24′: The pretty heel of Mbappé for Bernat but the center of the Spaniard is diverted by the goalkeeper!

23′: Oh the opportunity for CR7, launched towards the goal, but Bernat takes the ball from his feet before the Portuguese has time to arm his shot.

18′: Neymar too short to cut Mbappé’s powerful center! The Frenchman combines well with Ruiz on the left of the box but his pass in front of goal is too strong for the Brazilian.

16′: Big chance for Neymar!! Hakimi is launched deep on the right side and crosses in first intention towards Neymar at the far post. The Brazilian opens his foot but the opposing goalkeeper pushes back nicely!

15′: Casually, PSG has been dominated since opening the scoring. The Saudi selection has settled in well in the Parisian half of the field.

12′: The beautiful strike from the left of Gustavo from the entrance to the surface!! And Navas must work hard not to concede the equalizer!

11′: And the little CR7 bridge validated on Carlos Soler!

10′: The lawn honestly doesn’t look terrible. Or the Parisians have some technical failures.

6′: CR7’s answer! But his cross shot from the left is quietly captured by Navas.

3′: It didn’t take long! Neymar, slightly to the left, sends a ball over the defense towards Messi. The Pulga crosses his shot and opens the scoring!


1′: Let’s go! Paris has the ball!

0′: The famous Nymar JR.

0′: Why does Neymar wear an XL jacket?

0′: Come on, the players are finally making their appearance on the pitch!

0′: Cristiano Ronaldo who signals to Ramos that he forgot to remove his earring before entering the pitch. Nice as picture.

0′: Well, is it also the locker room strike? Still no trace of any player.

0′: There should be 65,000 spectators in this international King-Fahd stadium, the scene of the Italian Super Cup final between Milan and Inter the day before (0-3). But who also hosted the Spanish Super Cup final between Real Madrid and Barça on Sunday (1-3). A Super Cup Superstadium.

0′: On the Parisian side, Galtier draws the MNM for the first time since the World Cup. Navas is between the posts as the sad hinge Ramos-Marquinhos will try not to be ridiculous.

0′: And yes because the two stars are holders for this wooden match. This is also the first release of CR7 since he is in Saudi Arabia. The Portuguese is the captain of a team which also includes Moussa Marega, Talisca and Luiz Gustavo.

0′: As you will have understood, we are most likely witnessing the very last confrontation between Cristiano Ronaldo and Leo Messi.

0′: Hello Riyadhix!! How are you ? You know, this week it’s Coupe de France, so we meet for this 16e final between PSG and … Oh no, damn it. Finally, it is a friendly match, in Riyadh, which opposes a selection of teams from Al-Nassr, the CR7 club, and Al-Hilal, to PSG!

By Leo Peat