Saudi selection LIVE: Doubled by CR7, Neymar misses a peno and Bernat excluded … Follow the match with us

Saudi selection LIVE: Doubled by CR7, Neymar misses a peno and Bernat excluded ... Follow the match with us

PSG – Saudi All Stars (3-3, 2nd half)

Goals: Messi (3rd), Marquinhos (43rd), Sergio Ramos (54th) for Paris; Cristiano Ronaldo (34th sp, 45th+3), Hyun Soo-Jang (56th) for Saudi All Stars


Hand of defender Al-Bulayhi in his area, on a recovery from Messi. And yellow card for the Saudi.

56th: Saudi equalization! It’s a real gala match

While Sergio Ramos had saved his camp just before, the Spaniard was overtaken from a corner at the near post by Korean defender Hyun-Soo Jang, who equalized with a header.


It was Kyky who still did everything on the left side by making his defender cold, before ideally serving the Spaniard, who caught up after his ball on the second opposing goal.

52nd: The strike of Kiks!!! Nice tap from Al-Owais who deflects for a corner

49th: This match is going all over the place

The Saudi goalkeeper goes out with the head or the chest in front of Messi (flagged offside), the Brazilian Talisca, who entered the break for the Al-Nassr – Al-Hilal side, strikes just above in stride.


The Costa Rican intervenes magnificently on a head of I-don’t-know-who, following a corner that the future former goalkeeper of PSG had stupidly conceded.

46th: Vitinha came on in place of Renato Sanches, Danilo Pereira replaces Marquinhos

The Parisian captain is now Kylian Mbappé.


7:18 p.m .: Ronaldo showing his pigeon egg under his left eye to Mbappé, the result of his shock with Navas in the first period

nice picture

7:17 p.m .: The players return to the lawn!

7:03 p.m. : Come on, this time off, the referee brings everyone back to the locker room. See you in a quarter of an hour to follow this crazy game.

48th: Magneto Serge >> A first duel won against Marqui and Ramos, a headbutt sent to the post, the ball came back to him and he sent a sauce into the back of the net. Hey, what a first period after all.


48th: The post of CR7 in stride whaaaaaaaaat!!!!

47th : It’s in the wall, it makes pshitt…

46th : And we will end this first period with a free kick for CR7! What a show kids!!!

45th: NEYMAAAAAAAAAAAAR WHO SEE HIS PENO STOPS!!!! It must not have happened often that, popopo what a moment in history we do not regret having paid our place 38,000 dollars!

45th: Well yes, the referee is called back by the VAR, it’s going to be a problem.

45th : The sole on Neymar in the area, there was peno but the referee said nothing.

45th: We were not far from 3-1 for Paname after this shot from Mbappé narrowly blocked by the goalkeeper! With another nice one-two from the original families with Leo Messi.

43rd: The buuuuuuuuuuuuuut of Marquinhos!

Paris takes the lead a few minutes after Bernat’s red card. Mbappé drops the ball in front of the goal, Marqui deflects it slightly with his foot and it’s on the back.

41st : I say lol because it’s funny to see a red in a gala match like that. But otherwise, in fact, nothing to say, he throws himself on the attacker in the position of last defender. Goodbye Juanito.

40th: Red for Bernat but lol!!!!!

37th : We’re going to act as if the script wasn’t written in advance, huh, ok? I announce the 2-1 to come, lined with CR7. And equalizer from Messi.

34th: Goooooooooal!!! CR7 responds to Messi, the storytelling is perfect for the moment.

32nd : Peno, we agree. And yellow for Navas by the way. Nice for his last match in the jersey of PSG.

31st: Ohhhhhhh the kamikaze exit from Navas who knocks the head of CR7 off with his fist. It’s going to make this case worse!

29th : Ramos is burnt, it’s time to admit it for Paris. I say that after another lost duel with Marega, who hit Navas (with the ball).

25th: Goal by Mbappé but the Parisian offside on this deep pass from Messi. Nevertheless, it’s starting to do a lot for the poor Saudis and co. It pushes, it forces, it’s going to crack (yeah, I’m in protest mode today)!

24th: Mbappé still enjoying!

A magnificent heel to launch Bernat on the left, one! The center back from the Spaniard finds no one but it was beautiful once again.

23rd : Messi who scratches a ball in the opposing feet with authority, he is hot the world champion since his return.

22nd : Poor CR7, he doesn’t touch the ball much. Neither did his teammates. We almost witnessed a collective chocolate movement on the PSG side, too bad that Messi’s squint towards Mbappé is too deep.

18th: What a movement again on the PSG side, yum yum!

Magnificent one-two in the area between Fabien Ruiz and Mbappé, who crosses strong in front of goal but Neymar is a tad too short to push the ball to the bottom.

15th: New Parisian opportunity!

Good overflow from Hakimi who crosses perfectly at mid-height at the far post, Neymar is found, he takes the time to control, eliminate a defender and strike. Good save from the keeper. I have the impression that the Ney is rather on his feet, it changes from what we have seen since his return from vacation/depression.

13th: Luiz Gustavo’s strike deflected by Keylor Navas!

11th: Olé the heel/small bridge of Cristiano Ronaldo on Vitinha, a treat for the eyeballs!

10th : I see that Fabian Ruiz continues his free fall… Another pass far too soft, without confidence, which very nearly offered an attack possibility to the CR7 team.

8th : Mbappé brings danger into the area with a low cross, but none of his teammates is there to take the ball.

6th: Ronaldo’s turn to warm up

After a loss of ball from PSG, CR7 tries his luck from the left but it is not strong enough and Navas captures directly.

5th : The attacking trio of PSG combines a lot, the Saudi defense must be very vigilant because things go fast.

3rd: Lionel Messi already gives PSG the advantage!!!

Neymar slips him a small ladle very well felt in depth and the Argentinian only has to cross his strike to give the advantage to his club!

2nd : And Ronaldo who recovers a first ball in the feet of the Pulga

1st : Big cheer from the stadium as soon as Lionel Messi touches a ball!

1st: Let’s go, PSG kicks off this gala match!

6:09 p.m. : Among the holders of the Arab selection, Luiz Gustavo, the former player of OM

6:07 p.m .: While waiting for kick-off in a few minutes, a little reading on Saudi Arabia:

6:04 p.m. : That’s it, the players are entering the lawn of the Roi-Fahd international stadium!

6:01 p.m. : The players are quietly settling in the hallway, hug between CR7 and Sergio Ramos!

5:56 p.m. : Note that PSG will play with a 4th jersey, which the club has just unveiled.

5:53 p.m. : Well, I can’t find the composition of the Saudi team. But one thing is certain Cristiano Ronaldo is a starter!

5:49 p.m. : Galtier sent heavy for this gala match, with his attacking trio Neymar, Mbappé and Messi!

5:44 p.m.: Hello everyone!!!

Welcome to this funny live of which we don’t really know what to think. A friendly match between PSG and a selection of two Saudi teams in the middle of January, in something that looks more like a financial transaction than anything else, well… Yes, but here it is, chance wanted CR7 to sign in Saudi Arabia and that we end up with probably the last opposition in history between him and Leo Messi. We are torn. But we are here. And you?

10 a.m.: Hello Saudis!

What could be better than an absolutely useless match for pépettes and the promotion of a country that respects the rights of women and journalists for entertainment? What’s more, in a perfectly refined calendar, where the players, fresh as roaches, no longer know what to do with their time between two matches. In short, Paris Saint-Germain are in Saudi Arabia to give Cristiano Ronaldo the thrill of one last real football match before getting bored in the local league. The Portuguese will play alongside Luiz Gustavo and the immense Moussa Marega. Nothing to shiver at first sight, but Paris is so feverish at the moment, that you never know…

>> Departure of the live at 5:45 p.m.