Foot PSG – Neymar scammed PSG, he announces it

Foot PSG – Neymar scammed PSG, he announces it

PSG still dreams of seeing the flamboyant Neymar again from the start of the season to regain his dynamic and effective game. At the moment, it’s far from the case, because the Brazilian is no longer motivated at all. And it will be difficult to come back according to Jean-Michel Larqué.

The resumption of football is complicated for Neymar, who has not really returned to the level he was at at the start of the season. There is a World Cup, and therefore a failure, to digest, which explains this drop in speed. With the psychological tension, his injury during the competition and the legitimate disappointment in what was announced as his last world. But in the meantime, PSG cannot count on a Neymar capable of carrying his team, being decisive and shaking opposing defenses. He even missed a rare penalty in the exhibition match played this Thursday against a Saudi selection.

Neymar transparent since the World Cup

But more than this particular interlude in the Gulf, it is the rest of the season and the major deadlines that raise questions. Before the World Cup, several observers had feared that the face displayed by the Brazilian would be called into question after the meeting in Qatar. This seems to be the case and the former Santos prodigy may find it difficult to motivate himself for the next meetings. Football with PSG does not interest him as much as that with Seleçao, and the “Ney” will not make any effort to maintain his best level. This is the very clear opinion of the former player and coach of Paris SG Jean-Michel Larqué, for whom number 10 will not force for the rest of his contract in the capital.

Neymar’s problem is that today, with no more important deadlines, he will be an average player, as he has been throughout his career. He is extremely talented but he will have wasted part of his career. I’m afraid he’s made efforts he doesn’t want to do anymore. I reproach that the natural has returned at a gallop. We are not going to recall his delays, his presence at Carnival, his birthdays on crutches, his departures at each summer transfer window like ‘hold me or I’m going’. There are no more important international deadlines. He considers that there is only one important team, Brazil, that there was only one important stage, the World Cup. We were a little deceived by this start to the season for Neymar. It is an intermittent of the show. I don’t wish it on PSG and its supporters, but he no longer wants to make an effort “, delivered in a very pithy way the consultant of RMC, for whom Christophe Galtier will be in the embarrassment, because he will not find the great Neymar this season.

An observation that inevitably scares PSG at a time when it had been able to show a convincing face in the first part of the season with stars at the top physically. While waiting to find out if Lionel Messi will also go down, the poor form of the stars is causing a first drop in the regime in Ligue 1, with already two defeats conceded in Lens and Rennes in recent days. Something to wake up the Parisian club, which will have to show that its season did not end with the World Cup.