Football Ligue 1 – Zidane snubs PSG for OM, he only thinks about that!

Football Ligue 1 – Zidane snubs PSG for OM, he only thinks about that!

The name of Zinedine Zidane makes several clubs salivate, and in particular in France, where PSG dreams of offering the legends of the Blues. But his name has been whispered to OM in a new project, and that’s causing a stir.

Since the end of May 2021, Zinedine Zidane has been free to engage wherever he wishes. A year before the end of his contract, he had decided to leave Real Madrid because of the lack of confidence of its leaders. A decision that surprised in Spain, where the Frenchman has an aura and enormous respect. 20 months later, Zizou has not found a job. If he took advantage of a sabbatical year, he is now in active search and has missed his main objective, that of taking control of the France team.

Zidane at PSG, the right moment

His name is now whispered in several clubs. At Real Madrid once again, if ever the season does not go as planned for Carlo Ancelotti, who is the dream of the Brazilian selection. At Juventus, which fails to become a great European again with the second passage of Massimiliano Allegri. At PSG, who have been dreaming about it for years and could say to themselves that this summer, it will be the occasion where never seen that the planets could be aligned. And now at OM. Admittedly, the Provençal club does not have the means or the ambitions to bring Zidane, but that could change soon as Rolland Courbis hinted recently.

I will therefore not be surprised, after all the rumors that we have heard around a possible takeover of OM lately, that Saudi Arabia arrives in France and competes directly, frontally, with Qatar. If we wonder who would be the best person to lead OM, I think of another Marseillais, from the 15th arrondissement, like me. And his name is Zinedine Zidane “, delivered the emblematic trainer, who notably passed through Marseille, and who sees the Provençal club carrying out an incredible operation in the coming months.

Marseille youngsters deserve to see Zidane

So for Zidane, OM or PSG. If Paris necessarily holds the rope at the moment given the difference between the two teams, another former Marseille is trying to tip the scales. This is Pascal Olmeta, who dreams of seeing OM return to the top, with Zidane as the conductor. “ Zidane? I have to say OM. And I’ll explain why… First of all, PSG, it’s not possible. Paris, I don’t like, so we forget. But at OM, he is the only one capable of building something big. He is from Marseille, he knows what passion is, the real passion of an entire city for his club. He knows the soul of this club, he is even animated by it, in part, even years later. And you know what ? I would so love for the younger generations to be able to relive what we experienced… I wish them so much to be able to taste that, this immense, unique happiness. These young people who love OM, they all deserve it. And I think Zidane is the person who can build a project to achieve that. It’s an example, and it’s only an opinion, but I think he wants to go to OM more than to take a club in England. Afterwards, will he say yes to Marseille if we offer him, that’s a whole other story… “, delivered the former goalkeeper to 10 Sport. A confidence certainly utopian at the moment, but which says a lot about the dream that the simple evocation of the name of Zidane provokes for Marseille supporters. And what that would represent for an entire city which has always regretted the fact that the number 10 of the Blues has never played for a second in the Olympian jersey.