“It’s Haaland with the feet of Messi and the speed of Ronaldo”

Footballer almost failed, I chose journalism because it is the only profession that allows you to criticize those who have succeeded. After realizing my dream of competing in the 2010 World Cup (in the press box), I live from my passion with the transfer window and major sporting events as a second family.

If France can count on Kylian Mbappé to carry its ambitions high over the next 10 years, the reservoir of French football still has talents to come. The youngest of them, certainly one of the most promising, is only 12 years old. His name is Bojan Zekovic and he plays for SO Cholet. All the Ligue 1 clubs want him and the whole of Europe came to see him to try to sign him. Portrait of a real phenomenon.

At the Zekovic, football is much more than a passion. With a dad who went through the formation of Red Star Belgrade, the football religion has embraced the lives of his four sons. The first, Nenad (29), holds the position of assistant coach at N/A Cholet, ambitious resident of the National, who will evolve one day soon in Ligue 2. The youngest is called Bogdan, 25 years old today. After signing a pro trainee contract at heart rate Nanteshere he is too N/A Cholet. The third has just signed an aspiring professional at the SCO from Angers, Alex Zekovic (16 years old). He plays in the league with the U17s of the Angevin club, as a midfielder (which he discovers this season), with the particularity of being top scorer (7 goals) for his team. The leaders of the SCO also call on him in Gambardella, with the U19s, a sign of the confidence they place in him. And finally the youngest, bojan Zekovic, 12 years. A real phenomenon.

Double upgraded

Bojan started football in one of the best schools in France, at FC Nantes. Between 6 and 8 years old, the Canary learns quickly and well. ” When I arrived in Choletrecount Predrag Zekovic, the dad, everyone followed. He went to football school and… This is often what happens when we talk about little Bojan, words fail. Difficult to finish your sentences when you see the phenomenon at work. Because it is indeed a question of an authentic nugget, as one rarely comes across in a lifetime. But how to speak of a genius of the round ball at only 12 years old? Just watch him play. With the U15s of SW Cholet, for the moment. Yes, Bojan is double outclassed and this allows him to show off his height (1.75m) and his talent. Top scorer in his league mid-season, he dazzles every game and fans are already coming to see “little Bojan”, as people used to go to see “little Hatem”, when Ben Arfa was rampant at the dawn of the 1990s. 2000.

The whole Ligue 1 has made an offer

To measure the extent of the phenomenon, all you have to do is come to the SO Cholet U15 matches. At each meeting, you will come across a recruiter. All the elite French clubs have already traveled at least once. All, without exception. ” Yes, we have received proposals from all French clubsconcedes Predrag Zekovic. Ligue 1, Ligue 2, they all came to see us “. Foreign teams are obviously part of it. All of Europe makes the trip. Recently, Real Sociedad sent an envoy especially for Bojan.

“He is below everyone”

Faced with such a model of precocity, it is difficult to know how to react. Prudence in the face of the excesses that “modern” football knows so well how to engender. The excitement of seeing the birth of a pure prodigy. Because for its leaders, it is indeed a question of a genius. ” He’s above everyone, just watch him play for less than a minuteexplains the president of SO Cholet and boss of TechnitoitBenjamin Erisoglu. It’s Haaland with Messi’s feet and Ronaldo’s speed. A real 9, a feast for the eyes “.

the PSG and OM have already invited him to tournaments in recent months. In the Paris jersey, in Belgium, Bojan scored 6 goals in 2 games against Genk and Charleroi. OM allowed him to play a tournament on the side of London, with the same success. Performances that have already convinced Adidas to sign it. Never had such a young player joined the three-stripe team…

“It’s still a child”

Courted daily by the world of football, Predrag Zekovic keeps a cool head. An experienced footballer, today an educator, he knows the workings of the system and above all its vices: ” We take the time to think things through. We know that a professional club is the best thing to allow him to grow well. We will see that it is the proposal that best suits Bojan’s future. We are calm, we are not rushing anything. We know he has talent but he’s still a child. A kid who has fun on the field, who likes to score while playing for his team, his friends. He already has a good character, he doesn’t like to lose (to laugh). He is gifted and I think he can still improve. But I’m not saying that because he’s my son (smile). I really think he has something different “. We confirm.

With a dad who is 1.95m tall and a big brother (Nenad) who measures 1.96m, Bojan still has a few centimeters on the program for the next few years. time to catch up Erling Haalandto shape his feet from Messi and gain speed to go faster than Ronaldo… Hoping to see him grow quickly in a Ligue 1 club, rather than abroad.