Ligue 1 – The antisèche of Rennes – PSG (1-0): For PSG, it is really time to worry

Ligue 1 – The antisèche of Rennes – PSG (1-0): For PSG, it is really time to worry

The game: Paris with absent subscribers, Rennes enterprising

Christophe Galtier had played the meritocracy card. Faced with disappointing performances from certain circles and in the absence of Marco Verratti, the Parisian coach decided to launch Warren Zaire-Emery as holder. In front, bonus to the man in form Hugo Ekitike. But in its 3-4-3, Paris never managed to get their hands on the match despite a very clear possession (65%). Blame it on the enterprising and incisive Rennes in their 5-2-3 scheme, a find from Bruno Genesio. The Breton block was able to make this Parisian team even more apathetic than usual before systematically stinging in transition. The scenario of the match was readable, but above all predictable. But Paris has never been able to get rid of it…

French Cup

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The players: Neymar and Messi unrecognizable, Traoré absolutely everywhere

Since PSG is dependent on its stars, you might as well start with them. Neymar was a shadow of his former self, losing countless balls and duels. Lionel Messi was no more enterprising, leaving PSG completely orphaned when it came to orchestrating his attacking actions. The fault also with a scheme where too many players have forgotten the virtues of depth. Attractive at the start of the season, Vitinha is also starting to fall into line.

As a symbol, it was by pistons, the very ones who missed PSG on Sunday evening, that Rennes made the decision. His call – and his finish – was a model of its kind, but Hamari Traoré’s goal should not overshadow his match of mad generosity and precious self-sacrifice. Decisive passer, Adrien Truffert was also valuable. Behind, Wooh, Rodon and Theate reigned and even shone on some ball outings.

Lionel Messi during the meeting between Rennes and PSG in Ligue 1

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The X factor: If even Mbappé ruins…

Substitute at kick-off, Kylian Mbappé still had the right to an ovation when returning. It was the hero’s hour. And, a few minutes later, on a magnificent cake from Lionel Messi, he got himself the best Parisian situation. Alone against Mandanda, the Parisian striker forced his gesture and his strike flew into the Breton sky. If even he wastes that ammunition…

the tweet

Five victories for Bruno Génésio’s teams against PSG QSI version. Look no further, no one has done better.

The stat: 81st

Minute chosen by PSG to frame its first shot of the meeting, a half-volley from Juan Bernat. Did you say worrying?

The declaration: Marquinhos (PSG)

That’s two defeats already in this new year. We must immediately find more solidity and intensity in the duels. […] If we find this solidity, it will be better afterwards.

The question: Paris, is it serious doctor?

You end up getting used to it and that says two things: that Paris is less scary, that the top teams in L1 have the level to beat Paris without talking about exploits. After Lens, Rennes confronted PSG with its shortcomings. Intensity, solidarity, verticality and going beyond function: everything Rennes put on on Sunday is everything Paris has been missing for a few weeks now.

The joy of Rennes during the match against PSG in Ligue 1

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Of course, the World Cup cut the Parisian season in half, perhaps more than for other teams, less impacted in their workforce. But Parisian doubts were born long before Qatar and are only getting stronger as the double confrontation with Bayern Munich draws closer. As it stands, Paris lacks everything but above all ideas, not helped by a Christophe Galtier whose offensive instructions have obviously not been listened to.

So now is the time to worry. Because the exciting PSG of Galtier looks more and more like the depressing PSG of Pochettino. And because before thinking about the Champions League, the championship should be respected. Where OM are still gaining momentum, where Lens is surfing on certainties, Paris is starting to show signs of letting go. The great lesson of this beautiful Rennes evening lies here: even without Terrier, even without Bourigeaud, the Bretons look like a coherent team. Even with Messi, even with Neymar, the Parisians look like unfinished business.

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