Christophe Galtier before Pays de Cassel – PSG: “It would be stupid to make a certain turnover”

Christophe Galtier before Pays de Cassel - PSG:

“Were you able to do the work you wanted in Saudi Arabia?
We were able to work yes. It’s more than a training session, against a good team (Riyadh Season Team, 5-4) with world class players. With a very big atmosphere. The trip allowed us to exchange between each other. So that everyone can refocus, on the game, on their level. We conceded two defeats (Lens and Rennes).

Of course, it’s very annoying. I’m not looking for excuses, I’m not a coach looking for excuses. I’m looking for solutions, I’ve spoken with a lot of players so that everyone can meet on the team on a collective and individual level, so that everyone can find their level of performance before the World Cup.

How Nuno Mendes can change the face of your animation?
We know the importance of Nuno. It was a serious muscle injury, it took a long time. John (Bernat) chained a lot, he had to manage his workload so that he could chain the matches. They are two totally different players, Juan is a small space player. Nuno is a very intense, very vertical player. We are looking for this verticality, which we have lost in recent weeks.

“Luis Campos is working on an offensive position”

When you first spoke as PSG coach, you mentioned your ambition to have an “intense team, playing with rhythm”. We don’t see that. Is this still, with the hindsight of the first five months, your objective?
There were poor performances, we have to think about animation. I had discussions with my players last week to define, to redefine the most interesting place to recover the ball. We are on this reflection.

The weeks that come after the Coupe de France match, we will have four sessions, to better work on this aspect: knowing how to recover the ball and where. We have profiles that can bring us a lot of things on the offensive animation, to score goals. We have to be better at reacting to loss, we have to be much more disciplined when the opponent takes the ball out.

What type of recruit are you looking for? Can Milan Skriniar arrive this winter?
pablo (Sarabia) left for the reasons we know. The club is working. Luis Campos is working on an attacking position. We are looking for a side player. Concerning Skriniar, I saw the information (of The Team Saturday, on the Slovak’s oral agreement for next summer), I can’t tell you if Skriniar will come this summer. I can’t tell you whether he will come this winter either. Luis Campos and the president are working on what needs to be done in the transfer window.

With 2023 content and results, is there a sense of urgency?
Is there an emergency? When you are PSG, yes, there is urgency. In the standings, there is not much difference unlike last season. It spins hard, very quickly behind. We must find our game, have a lot more momentum, a lot more rhythm, intensity. We are working in that direction. It is important to find him very quickly.

Are you tempted to run Monday in the Coupe de France?
The best possible team will play in the Coupe de France on Monday. The weeks are very airy, since we want to find rhythm, automatisms, there is no reason, it would be stupid to make a certain turnover. We will have a team close to the one that would have been aligned in L1.

Will Keylor Navas play on Monday?
Keylor will play on Monday. I hope he will play many matches in the Coupe de France.

Do you have the date of Presnel Kimpembe’s return?
We hope to have it in the next few weeks. It is expected that he will return to the sessions in eight to ten days. He is very serious, very invested, we will see how he feels. We know his level of play, his ability to lead the defense.