Foot PSG – PSG: Sergio Ramos fired, the circus is over!

Foot PSG – PSG: Sergio Ramos fired, the circus is over!

The future of Sergio Ramos at PSG is still uncertain, the Parisian leaders not being sure to want to keep the Spanish defender. And tongues are starting to loosen around the true level of the legend.

Recruited to bring experience to the PSG locker room during the 2021 transfer window, Sergio Ramos arrives in the last months of his contract with the capital club. And nothing says that Luis Campos and Nasser Al-Khelaifi are going to offer the 36-year-old defender the chance to return for one or two more seasons in Paris, where Paris is more the type to extend all of its players, sometimes without the we understand why. Regarding Sergio Ramos, however, there seems to be some hesitation, even though the former Real Madrid player has the desire to continue to evolve in the jersey of PSG. But, even if no one can question the qualities of the man who is considered one of the best defenders in the history of football, it is clear that some of his performances show that age is starting to have negative effects. on his game. Sometimes Sergio Ramos takes the water and it shows. Even to the point that on social networks, Parisian supporters are crying foul.

Sergio Ramos no longer has a place at PSG

However, the Parisian leaders seem to have a priori favorable to a contract extension for Sergio Ramos, even confident of being ” satisfied from the player, but wanting to give himself time before deciding. ” He is a great leader who transmits a lot of experience and know-how. He is an example of work and a great personality typical of a great team “Said an internal source at PSG in Le Parisien, confirming that the reasons which had led to the recruitment of Ramos in 2021 are still those which encourage him to be kept longer in the workforce of Christophe Galtier. And this even if the fans growl at the sometimes mediocre performances of the Spanish defender, like the one against Cristiano Ronaldo and his teammates this week during the famous friendly match in Saudi Arabia. But it’s not just the fans that are stuck, many Paris Saint-Germain followers are starting to wonder what Nasser AL-Khelaifi is playing when they consider extending the 36-year-old.

In the regional daily, Eric Rabresandatana is starting to be seriously fed up with the management of PSG, whether for Sergio Ramos, but more generally too. ” His experience is important, but it doesn’t seem to transcend the others. I have no doubt that it is a competitor, but it takes more. You wait for the guy to do something big to you. However, for the moment, there is no big reference. Today, we have nothing to rely on whether he deserves an extension or not. I’m not talking about talent. But, in the reality of PSG, we don’t have what we expectnotes the former PSG player, before going up in the towers and saying what he thinks of this situation. I have come to the end of my patience in fact with the spectacle that I observe from this PSG. I’d rather have five players of average talent but hard work than one super player. It’s a team sport, and we saw the limit of having a lot of accumulated talent without ever having the expected performance. On Twitter, we say the same thing, but more brutally.

Because knowing that Luis Campos and NAK are ” satisfied by Sergio Ramos tends to drive the regulars of the Parc des Princes totally crazy. ” But satisfied with what? Even his haircuts we are not satisfied », « Satisfied ptdrrrrr any league 1 player in central defense is better », « Satisfied ?? Well shit then. If we keep him it’s as a defender coach but not as a defender, unfortunately he no longer has the level and yet he’s a player I like. », « We don’t have the same level of satisfaction then! You have to let him go and take Skriniar and stay with Kimpembe too », « It’s complicated because it’s a bit like Marquinhos, on an emotional level we love them and we want to keep them but on a sporting level… You have to think. “. At least there seems to be unanimity among PSG supporters regarding the Spanish defender.