Foot PSG – PSG: The defense sucks, he wants to fire everyone

Foot PSG – PSG: The defense sucks, he wants to fire everyone

If the PSG has started its year 2023 badly, the fault lies mainly with its defense. Despite the big names that make it up, Parisians are no longer reassured. Bayern Munich arrives and Jean-Michel Larqué foresees an inevitable catastrophe.

Unplayable in the first part of the pre-World Cup season, PSG were heading towards a new title of champion of France. Nevertheless, it only took 15 short days to reshuffle the cards on the national scene. The Parisians have lost twice in this short period, in Lens and Rennes, showing an inability to raise their level of play in the face of great adversity. Above all, their defense has failed on several occasions. Facing the Sang et Or, she had cracked three times showing in the process difficulties in keeping up with the Lensois attackers. It was the same thing in Rennes and even against Angers, yet red lantern, despite the 2-0 success of PSG.

A too weak Parisian defense from A to Z

Even the prestigious friendly match in Saudi Arabia proved to be without appeal for the Parisian defense, which yielded four times. A man concentrates criticism, it is Sergio Ramos. The almost 37-year-old Spaniard is considered too slow, too old and many believe that with Milan Skriniar in his place things would improve quickly. Jean-Michel Larqué refutes this theory. The RMC consultant believes that Ramos is not the only culprit behind. For him, the entire defense has shortcomings, starting with Parisian captain Marquinhos.

Ramos’ performance crystallizes criticism but I wouldn’t want to blame all the ills, all the responsibilities of an unbalanced team on a single player. We often speak, tactically, of an unbalanced team with three attackers who do not defend. There is a defense which is still in great difficulty in my eyes, because the effort of the Parisian leaders is constantly focused on the names in front. And behind, from time to time, we take a player who gives satisfaction. Yes, but today we no longer have the Marquinhos of three or four years ago. […] You only win a competition when you have guys or a guy who is able to make the difference, but you only win a big competition when you have a solid defense. However, today, from Donnarumma to Ramos, passing from time to time by Marquinhos, it breaks my heart to say it, we do not have at PSG a defense which gives hope of a great performance in the Champions League. And I hope I’m wrong “, he dropped in Rothen ignites. Suffice to say, without Skriniar, he does not see PSG overcoming the obstacle of Bayern next March.