Excluded FM, Courbis: “1999? We knew that PSG was going to let Bordeaux win”

Rolland Courbis

Following our exclusive interview with Rolland Courbis, the native of Marseille confided in this cruel end to the 1999 season and his departure at the start of the following year.

Footmarseille: A misfortune never comes alone, you leave your seat as leader of Bordeaux three days from the end after this lost final. When did you have the feeling of losing the title?

Rolland Courbis: We lost it during the season, in the double confrontation against Bordeaux. in the first leg, Diawara equalized in the last minutes and on the return leg, we lost 4-1, in a match where I placed Luccin in the Benarbia zone because I considered that he was the best to fight technically and tactically. Unfortunately, Benarbia puts an insole on him and Luccin doesn’t dare tell me he’s weakened. Result, we take three goals in twenty minutes in his area. And above all, we lost the title because we went to the UEFA Cup final, while Bordeaux had the good idea, as I say ironically, to take six against Parma. Three days after a proving match Bologna, we cracked Lens in the last half hour.

FM: On the last day, PSG offered the title to the Girondins on a set, Francis Llacer admitting a few years later that, like others, he “did not give everything” to achieve a result .

CR: That PSG let Bordeaux win, there was no need to hire Sherlock Holmes to know that it was going to happen like that. There’s one image I’ll never forget is when Adailton leveled up, he went to celebrate his goal in front of the supporters and got whistled. He looks over his shoulder, right, then left, and no one comes to congratulate him. Many wanted to see Bordeaux champion. In Nantes, though supposed to be the enemy of the Girondins, there was a standing ovation when the announcer announced that they were champions. I said to myself: “Are we hated and jealous at this point?” I had the feeling that we were celebrating OM’s failure more than the Bordeaux title.

FM: Despite this cruel, but all the same beautiful, season 98/99, you left your post in November when the club was in 9th place… (he cuts off)

CR: At that time, I made a big mistake in career management, perhaps the biggest one. I don’t have to embark on the following season, it’s a decision that I later regretted. I should have taken a step back, digested these hammer blows and these stupid scenarios and come back a year or two later, why not OM for that matter. It was the year too many and I find that when you are a player, coach or coach, it is difficult not to do this year too precisely.

FM: Due to a lack of motivation?

CR: On the contrary ! I was too nervous and I said to myself “come on, we’re going to get revenge”. Finally, we change the physical trainer, which is a huge bullshit and we end up with 24 injured players in the first two months. As I said before, at this point I should have cut and gasped. I programmed the kick in the ass myself. Added to this, the relationship with then-president Yves Marchand also weighed in the balance. The point that we miss the season before also changes a lot of things in the equation.

FM: Is it possible to build in tough Marseille?

CR: Yes, I think so, but there will never be a Guy Roux from Marseille. That’s just impossible, but 3-4 years, that can obviously be possible and it almost happened with me. But for that, you would have had to be a champion. Marseille, the supporters are passionate, dingoes, all you want, but they are above all competent. 90% of them know what a good player or a good coach is, so if you have three draws with a team that hasn’t dominated, you start to cringe and we think you’re tired.

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