Foot PSG – PSG: Mbappé victim of a mole, it’s unbearable

Foot PSG - PSG: Mbappé victim of a mole, it's unbearable

Kylian Mbappé did not appreciate the content of an article evoking his future at PSG, and especially the confidence of an anonymous Parisian leader. And the French striker would be annoyed that we talk about him behind his back.

Kylian Mbappé is very attentive to what is said and written about him, even if for two years and his first asserted desire to join Real Madrid, the vice-world champion understood that it was impossible to control delirium media surrounding it. And after the 2022 World Cup, things got even worse, the number 10 of the France team having proven to the whole planet that he was indeed the best footballer today. This week, it’s the very serious specialized media The Athletic who devoted a very long article to Kylian Mbappé, once again raising the possibility that the latter would leave Paris Saint-Germain during the next transfer window to join Real Madrid. Under the title “Real Madrid, Mbappé, the story that will not end”, Mario Cortegana evokes the situation of the Parisian player, and quotes an anonymous leader of PSG, who would have said: “ The only club that can get him out of here is Real Madrid. Nothing is impossible in football, but we could ask for 400 million euros, or even put no price on him.” A sentence that set fire to the powder.

Mbappé outraged by PSG

According to Defensa Central, Kylian Mbappé is ” very angry both because he did not appreciate learning that a leader from Paris Saint-Germain could speak of him in this way, but also because he believes that the 400 million euros mentioned for a possible departure are an outright refusal to sell him during the next transfer window. ” Faced with this leak from the Parisian club, Mbappé was surprised and very angry. The striker is aware that this is a crazy and impossible price for a club, knowing that he will have to negotiate his transfer to materialize it in 2023. For his part, Real Madrid do not even consider reach 200 million after all that’s happenedexplains the media very close to Florentino Perez and Merengue, before going further. Mbappé’s anger against PSG continues to grow, he feels neither loved nor respected by the club, and he sees that they are trying to hold him back at all costs. The footballer is aware that if he wants to be even bigger, he must one day sign in Madrid. Here too, we must be wary.

Obviously on the side of Madrid journalists, we have seen blurry for two years, and especially since last spring, when everyone announced that Kylian Mbappé had given his agreement to Real Madrid. We know the rest of the soap opera, the French star extending his contract with Paris Saint-Germain to the delight of a triumphant Nasser Al-Khelaifi at the Parc des Princes during the announcement, while on the Madrid side they were burning flocked jerseys in the name of Mbappé and it was announced that the club deserved better than such a player. Obviously all this is forgotten, and all the shots are again allowed to try to convince the top scorer of the last World Cup in Qatar to come.