Coupe de France: who is Warren Zaire-Emery, 16, new nugget from PSG?

Coupe de France: who is Warren Zaire-Emery, 16, new nugget from PSG?

He is only 16 years old and already plays with the greatest. Warren Zaire-Emery plays at PSG and has become the youngest player to start an official meeting with the team. A nugget to keep an eye on that could be in the game against Cassel on Monday.

This season, the promising midfielder breaks down one by one the precocity records. He became the youngest player to start an official meeting with PSGduring the previous Cup round against Châteauroux (3-1), at 16 years 9 months and 29 days.

In the fall, Zaire-Emery was the very first native of 2006 to play in the Champions League, against Maccabi Haifa (7-2).

The score was acquired“, had explained Christophe Galtier, “it seemed important to me to send a signal, to show that even if you are very young, if you work well, you can have room“.

Now, for PSG coach Zaire-Emery “is able to start a Championship match“, as in Rennes, “and even a C1 match. Our great players have the same look as us on him and that reinforces us in the vision that we have of Warren“.


Exceptional fact, PSG made him sign at the age of 13 contract until he turns 18. “The club has a vision for him“, assures the educator.

Born on March 8, 2006 in Montreuil, Zaire-Emery could therefore celebrate his 17th birthday in Munich, for the return match against Bayern (to go on February 14), on the bench or even on the lawn. Flash trajectory for the teenager!

From the age of 7, he had caught the eye of his educators at PSG. “I had already spotted him with the U7s, he spent the whole season with us with the U8s“Says Stéphane Tardivel, PSG under-8 coach for fourteen years.

Zaire-Emery is used to being outclassed. Last season, aligned at 15 with the U19s in the Youth League, he made a decisive entry in Brugge, leading his team to a comeback from 0-2 to 3-2 with a goal and an assist, ten against eleven .

Among the U8s,he already had game intelligence. He understands everything faster than the others», Resumes Tardivel. “We made him play in front, he scored goals for us, he has since retreated“.

He’s not a goalscorer, he’d rather pass than score», Approves his father Franck Emery (Zaire is the name of his mother).

“Homework in the car”

You have to be a little selfish to be an attacker, he isn’t, it’s almost a reproach that we could make him“Adds the father, former player of N1, N2 and N3 in the Parisian suburbs (Red Star, Noisy-le-Sec, Aubervilliers).

The family hatched the hatching of the prodigy,Warren was well surrounded by his dad and his grandmother“, explains Tardivel. “Everyone at Camp des Loges knows her as ‘Grandma Gigi’”, smiles Franck Emery.

The family took turns to accompany the kid. “He signed in 2014 in pre-training at PSG, the club he preferred, we were going to take him to school in Romainville with the mother, we were going to Camp des Loges, he was doing homework in the car“, details the father.

He brought him back again by car from Rennes on Sunday evening, debriefing his match a bit. “He saw that he lost a lot of balls that he shouldn’t have lost, but for a first, it was good“says Franck Emery.

The father was all the samehappy. He can perhaps do better with more rhythm, he has to gain confidence in himself by playing with them (the stars, editor’s note), and take all the time we give him“.

The debriefing didn’t go much further, “Warren fell asleep in the carsmiles the driver. But they will surely have other matches to analyze.

Round of 16 of the Coupe de France: US Pays de Cassel – PSG, Monday January 23 at 8:45 p.m. at the Bolaert-Delelis stadium in Lens. No ticket? Our ideas for following the match.

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