DIRECT. Pays de Cassel-PSG (0-4): the Parisians have fun

 DIRECT.  Pays de Cassel-PSG (0-4): the Parisians have fun


Serious and diligent, PSG unfolds against the Pays de Cassel with a hat-trick from Kylian Mbappé and a goal from Neymar.

44′. Three goals in 12 minutes for Mbappé

43′. Oooh Mbappé’s failure

The Frenchman is once again launched in depth but he misses the target! Either way, he’s flagged offside.

42′. Parisians are having fun

Neymar’s teammates feast between the lines and completely asphyxiate the Pays de Cassel.


On a nice deep pass from Vitinha, Mbappé gets the ball in the area and puts a small dive over Samson.

39′. What a failure of Neymar

Soler crosses into the penalty area and finds Neymar, who completely misses the target. Yet he was alone!


38′. Neymar’s nice goal on video

37′. Ekitike stumbles on Samson

Ekitike is found in the area but he stumbles on Samson.

36′. Parisians roll out

PSG have control of the ball and always try to go forward. The Parisians still want to score.

35′. MBAPPE GOOOOO (0-3)

Danilo launches Mbappé deep, who controls the ball and finishes with a nice ladle. Things are going too fast for the Pays de Cassel.


After a one-two with Kylian Mbappé, Neymar passes Boudjema and scores against a powerless Samson.

31′. Free kick badly taken by Neymar

The Brazilian tries to place his ball but does not aim.

30′. Yellow card for Bruneel

Guilty of a big foul on Neymar. Free kick very well placed for PSG full axis.


Nuno Mendes tumbles on the left side and crosses back towards Kylian Mbappé who concludes. The ball seems deflected.

26′. Boudjema on the ground

The match is stopped after a foul by Neymar on Boudjema. The Pays de Cassel player remained on the ground but finally got up.

25′. Mbappé misses the ball

On a cross from Pembélé on the right side, the Frenchman takes the ball but misses.

24′. Great first for Mbappé

22′. The Pays de Cassel plays its game

Bruneel launches his partner full axis but it ends directly in the gloves of Navas.

21′. Not many chances on both sides

Still zero shots on target from both sides.

20′. Santrain is on fire

On a one-two, Neymar serves Nuno Mendes with a dive ball but Santrain is on the trajectory.

19′. The Pays de Cassel is brave

After great collective combinations, Sané tumbles down the right side and is stopped by Nuno Mendes.

17′. Soler not precise enough

Soler launches Ekitike into the penalty area but his pass is not precise enough. a lot of technical waste for the Spaniard early in the game.

16′. Ramos is vigilant

Boudjema is alerted in depth but Ramos quietly takes the ball.

15′. Evening Parisians

14′. Mbappé wants to make a difference

Mbappé tries to do himself justice by dribbling several players but he is stopped in his tracks.

12′. lawn stitch

Note that Bollaert’s lawn is really not good.

11′. Penalty for Paris?

Mbappé hooks his opponent and collapses in the area in contact with Santrain. A penalty could have been whistled.

10′. It’s heating up on the Pays de Cassel cage

Neymar launches Nuno Mendes who crosses back towards Mbappé but the ball is pushed back.


On a pass from Soler, Mbappé turns around and scores with an outside foot. But he is flagged offside.

7′. PSG have possession

Unsurprisingly, PSG hold the ball and try to project themselves quickly forward.

6′. Nice ball outing from the Pays de Cassel

Leclerc makes a small festival to bring out the balloon under the acclamations of the public.

4′. Ekitike is mobile

Ekitike receives the ball on a ladle from Vitinha but fails to shift Mbappé.

3′. PSG pushes

Pembélé crosses the right side towards Mbappé but the ball is pushed back by Leclerc.

2′. First strike for PSG

Danilo attempts a through pass to Ekitike blocked. Soler follows but his shot is off target.

1′. Let’s go to Bollaert!

PSG kicks off this round of 16 of the Coupe de France.


The 22 actors enter the lawn


Keylor Navas, for a last match with PSG?

Holder in the goal of PSG this Monday evening in the Coupe de France, the 36-year-old Costa Rican goalkeeper is still awaiting a departure this winter. For more information, click here.


Keylor Navas warming up


RC Lens has chosen its evening favorite


The eleven of the Pays de Cassel

The Pays de Cassel will play in 4-3-2 with an attack Leganase, Bogdanski, Sané.

The composition: Samson – Santrain, Thoor, Zmijak, Rapaille – Leclerc, Bruneel, Boudjema – Leganase, Bogdanski, Sané.


A match in anticipation of February 14


The Parisians are in Bollaert


The composition of PSG, Mbappé captain

The French striker holds in attack with Ekitike and Neymar. The young Timothée Pembélé (20 years old) is aligned in defense with Danilo, Ramos and Nuno Mendes.

The composition: Navas – Pembélé, Danilo, Ramos, Nuno Mendes – Soler, Renato Sanches, Vitinha – Neymar – Ekitike, Mbappé


OM in 8th for the winner

PSG or the Pays de Cassel will face Marseille, on February 7 or 8, for the round of 16 of the Coupe de France, the draw of which took place this Monday evening.


Philippe Diallo present at the Bollaert stadium in Lens

The interim president of the FFF is present this Monday evening in Lens to attend the sixteenth final of the Coupe de France. On January 11, the day of his appointment, he had already been seen in the stands at the Aube stadium for the L1 match between Troyes and Marseille.


Small zoom on the Pays de Cassel before the meeting

The Northerners, who play in the sixth national level, face PSG this Monday evening in the Coupe de France. Lighting that enhances their model of fusion between villages in Flanders. For more information, click here.


Hello everyone !

Welcome to to follow this round of 16 between Pays de Cassel and PSG. Kick off at 8:45 p.m.!