L1 I PSG – Strasbourg (2-1): Kylian Mbappé, a happy ending so deserved

L1 I PSG - Strasbourg (2-1): Kylian Mbappé, a happy ending so deserved

We had left him on a heartbreak. Sitting on the lawn of Lusail, incredulous at his fate, that of a player who slams a hat-trick in the final without winning the World Cup. Ten days later, Kylian Mbappé was already on the bridge. Ready to put on for good this superhero costume that suits him so well. The script was perfectly crafted. A PSG in difficulty and in numerical inferiority, on the verge of experiencing an upsetting recovery in the pouring rain of the Parc des Princes. The happy ending seemed impossible. But this word is foreign to Mbappé.
He never let go. He was always involved. From beginning to end. The French international had already been at the origin of the opening of the Parisian score, by provoking the free kick perfectly kicked by Neymar on the skull of Marquinhos. The affair was well launched, but it got tougher when Neymar was sent off by receiving two yellow cards in the space of a minute. So Mbappé insisted. He took the game on his own even more, causing the ball to kick. He couldn’t stay silent. And after the additional time, his initiatives ended up paying off.

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“We knew he was going to score”

It had to be on a penalty, which he himself had just provoked. This exercise where he had distinguished himself ten days ago against Argentina. He had converted one in regulation time, one in extra time, then his shot on goal. By shooting each time on the right of the goalkeeper. There was plenty to think about before facing Matz Sels. A measured race, tongue out, Mbappé chose the other side. For the same result. Except for one detail. This time, his penalty offered victory to his team. And he let burst this joy that he could only swallow ten days ago against Argentina.

Kylian Mbappé (PSG) released the Parc des Princes, Wednesday against Strasbourg – 28/12/2022

Credit: Imago

The scenario was Hitchcockian, but the outcome was ultimately predictable. That Mbappé would end up making the difference seemed obvious as he invariably appears a cut above the others. “Kylian, we know he’s amazingestimated Marco Verratti at the microphone of Canal + at the final whistle. He waited until the last minutes to score this goal and we are very happy. He has the mind to do that, we knew he was going to score. I believe he took even bigger penalties.”

“I think I will never digest it”

But this penalty is only a consequence. That of an essential leadership for a PSG far from being sovereign against the Alsatians. Mbappé did not wait for the start of the match to display it. His almost immediate return after the World Cup was already a strong signal in this direction. “Since his return, he had been keen to want to play the two games that presented themselves.explained his trainer, Christophe Galtier, at a press conference. He was a trigger for the victory when it was badly on board at one point. He trained the whole team with his selflessness.”

As he had done ten days earlier, with the Blues in distress against Argentina. It was a lost World Cup final, and a victory against the 19th in Ligue 1 will obviously not be enough to erase it. “I think I’ll never digest itrecognized Mbappé after the victory against Strasbourg. As I said to the teammates, there is no reason for the club to pay for a failure in selection, these are two very different situations. ” Mbappé in the text. This happy ending, he would certainly have preferred it ten days ago. But he deserved to live it against Strasbourg.

Decisive scorer, Kylian Mbappé celebrates the success of PSG against Strasbourg, at the Parc des Princes – 28/12/2022

Credit: Imago

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