Relive Pays de Cassel – PSG (0-7) / French Cup / 16th / Pays de Cassel-PSG /

Relive Pays de Cassel - PSG (0-7) / French Cup / 16th / Pays de Cassel-PSG /

Pays de Cassel 0-7 Paris Saint-Germain

Goals: Mbappé (29e34e40e56e and 79e), Neymar (33e) and Soler (64e) for PSG

Kassel Country (4-3-3): Samson-Santrain (Delcourt, 67e), Zmijak, Thoor, Rapaille – Bruneel (Valdher, 80e), Leclerc, Boudjema – Sané (Itoua, 55e), Leganase (Rudent, 55e), Bogdanski (Djelema, 67e). Coach : Samuel Goethals.

Paris Saint Germain (4-4-2): Navas – Pembélé (Hakimi, 59e), Pereira, Ramos (Bitshiabu, 67e), Mendes (Bernat, 46e) – Vitinha, Soler, Sanches (Ruiz, 59e), Neymar-Ekitike (Gharbi, 67e), Mbappe. Coach : Christophe Galtier.

90′: OVER! THE PSG FILE IN EIGHTH! Without pity, with in particular a quintuplet from Mbappé, Paris joins OM in the next round for a clash that promises to be boiling. Unfortunately for the Pays de Cassel, the level difference was far too great to hope for a miracle, the residents of R1 only attempting one strike this evening, against 26 for PSG.

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89′: New lob from Mbappé, but new offside signaled by the assistant referee. Certainly the last action of the evening.

88′: The battle to the end for the locals! Mathieu Valdher plays the firefighters by successively repelling the attempts of Neymar, Ruiz and Mbappé. Hero.

86′: Neymar is found in the area, tries an acrobatic recovery which is deflected and ends in Samson’s gloves. The Brazilian claims a hand, it’s no.

86′: The locals may be taking a beating, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they were in love with having played this game.

85′: Vitinha shines Samson on a mine from outside the box. We appreciate.

84′: On the other hand, Neymar’s nonchalance is something.

83′: Probably Navas’ first intervention tonight. Luckily his bonus isn’t tied to his airtime.

81′: Mbappé would therefore only be four pawns behind Cavani.

80′: New change for the Northerners: Mathieu Valdher replaces Nicolas Bruneel.

79′: THE MANITA OF MBAPPE. Kyks makes me lie. Center fleeing from Soler, Kyky at the far post. Aim. Simple. Basic.

77′: Paris has slowed down the pace despite everything.

73′: If my information is correct, Mbappé is only five goals away from equaling Edinson Cavani and reaching 200 goals with PSG.

70′: It’s a shame, Delcourt had much better things to do! He hesitates between serving his teammate on the right or trying his luck from afar. He chooses the second option, but his strike is all soft.

67′: And two other changes for the Pays de Cassel: Dimitri Santrain and Clément Bogdanski leave for Charles Delcourt and Emmanuel Djelema.

67′: Double change for PSG, and Galtier gives way to young youngsters: Ekitike and Sergio Ramos out, El Chadaille Bitshiabu and Ismaël Gharbi in.

64′: SOLER IN THE LIGHT! Neymar makes the difference in the surface and can conclude, but he waits and transmits to Soler. Back to goal, the Spaniard takes the time to control and concludes with a heel. The level difference in one action.

64′: Samson’s headline on Ruiz’s placed shot is yes.

62′: 5-0 against a team of R1 but Ekitike is invisible. A great missed opportunity to show off.

59′: Double change for PSG this time. Timothée Pembélé and Renato Sanches leave the field to make way for Achraf Hakimi and Fabián Ruiz.

56′: THE QUADRUPLE FOR MBAPPÉ! A new deep ball, a missed exit from Samson and the French genius only has to push the leather into the back of the net.

55′: Double change for the Pays de Cassel. Leganase and Sané give way to Kevin Rudent and Robin Itoua.

55′: A Portuguese hides another. After Vitinha, Sanches stands out with a nice shot that goes just over Samson’s bar.

54′: The rescue of the Pays de Cassel! On a cross from Bernat, Samson pushes back on Vitinha who makes a small festival, but his shot is stopped on the line.

53′: Danilo Pereira angry and mounting pressure. Originally a duel with Leganase but the Portugal international seems very annoyed by the assistant referee. But why ? That is the question.

49′: And no. Paris emerges.

49′: Intervention of the Pays de Cassel which goes against, but Sané tempers a little too much and locks himself up. He still manages to scratch a touch… Which brings a corner for the Pays de Cassel. And if ?

46′: We’re going back! Can the Pays de Cassel save its honor? Will Paris stack the pawns? A change in any case at the break, Bernat replaces Nuno Mendes.

45′: HALF-TIME! And it already looks like the end of the game. After lasting 30 minutes, the Pays de Cassel took four in ten minutes flat, including three from Mbappé. The latter has already left his jersey to the opposing captain, Zmijak. There is still a half to play and a few interesting things to see, so we’ll meet again in fifteen minutes, refreshed.

45′: We can at least project ourselves quietly towards the eighth between Paris and OM. Anyone have a crystal ball?

43′: Kyky’s quadruple was not far away, but he missed a few centimeters on his shot… Centimeters he had too many on his start. Offside, ball to opponent.

41′: Well, the question now is: what to expect from the second half?

40′: THREE GOALS IN ELEVEN MINUTES FOR KYKY! What to do for the Pays de Cassel? Vitinha passing, Mbappé finishing a small ball stung in front of Samson. It’s clinical.

39′: On a cross from Carlos Soler, Neymar has the fourth pawn at the end of his foot but he does not control his shot which flies into the stands.

38′: You are Samuel Goethals, what do you ask your players? No more conceding goals until the end? Trying to plant one for honor even if it means getting even more exposed? Delicate as a situation.

36′: The Northerners will have lasted thirty minutes, but the gap is far too great and the Parisian individuals make the difference.

34 ‘: Mbappé doubled! The Pays de Cassel can no longer follow. Launched in depth, Mbappé is not joined and can quietly lob Samson. Meeting already folded?

33 ‘: Neymar doubles the bet under boos from Bollaert! It’s going too fast for the residents of R1. On an action from the Mbappé-Neymar doublet, the Brazilian chained a hook and struck in the area and made the break. Watch out for the avalanche.

32′: At twenty meters, full axis, Neymar tries to kick the free kick with delicacy, but the leather slips above the bar.

30′ : Bruneel’s big tackle on Neymar from the kick-off! A hello from amateur football, a rusk and a very good free kick to follow for the Brazilian.

29′: KYKS OPENS THE SCORE! Big acceleration from Nuno Mendes on the left side. The Portuguese sends a center back for Mbappé whose cross shot, deflected, is out of Samson’s reach. Paris gives itself some air.

28′: Phew, the saving intervention of Danilo Pereira who cuts off in extremis a deep pass from Bruneel for Leganase. Always so precious Danilo.

26′: Yellow card for Neymar! A few seconds after a mimine in the face of an opponent, he intervenes well behind Boudjema but finds a way to challenge. Not pretty.

25′: New blow of heat for the Northerners! Back on the field, Neymar sends a superb ball for Pembélé. This last center for Mbappé but the French international misses his recovery!

23′: Neymar hit? As the game continues, the Brazilian rushes to the edge of the field for treatment, visibly embarrassed in his knee. To be continued…

21′: The Mendes-Neymar connection works at the entrance to the surface but the Portuguese cannot manage to take the leather. The danger remains near the surface of the premises.

20′: Needless to say, the ball outings from the Pays de Cassel have been splendid so far… We have the impression of seeing a Guardiola team.

15′: Most of you are already aware, but for the latest arrivals: if Paris emerges victorious tonight, we will be entitled to Classico in eighth.

11 ‘: New hot situation for Paris, with Mbappé still around. The latter collapses but the referee indicates to play. Nothing to see.

9 ‘: Mbappé believed in the opener after a good sequence! But Kyks is flagged for offside. The Northerners can breathe.

5′: So far, no surprises. Paris confiscates the ball, and the Pays de Cassel is curled up in front of its surface.

2′: The first strike situation is for Carlos Soler! But the strike of the Spaniard is far from light, no danger for the Pays de Cassel.

1′: Let’s go ! The Pays de Cassel has 90 minutes to create the feat.

0′: Question: Are there any real Pays de Cassel supporters here? Or are they all in Bollaert?

0′: The Parisians will evolve in 4-4-2. If Messi is left to rest after his fierce duel against CR7, Mbappé and Neymar are present, as are Pembélé at the right-back position, Keylor Navas in the cages or the Portuguese doublet Renato Sanches-Vitinha in the heart of the game.

0′: We’re not going to pretend, we don’t know any of the players lined up on the side of the Northerners. On the other hand, the name of the trainer could make you wince: Samuel Goethals. No connection with the great Raymond, however.

0′: Well, after having fun in the Middle East in the middle of the week, Paris still has real stakes, unlike Cristiano Ronaldo: to win all the trophies within reach, including the Coupe de France. Between that and the need to be reassured after two consecutive failures in Ligue 1, we can expect a reaction from the Parisians this evening, even if the little guys from the Pays de Cassel will do everything to create a historic feat.

0′: Hello lovers of the Coupe de France! Pays de Cassel, small thumb of R1, facing the great PSG, only the Coupe de France can offer us this kind of happiness, which is more in the majestic Stade Bollaert. Are you hot?
By Fabien Gelinat