Soccer. Brest Armorique, PSG-Real, VA – OM affair: Joël Cloarec, a career with ups and downs

 Soccer.  Brest Armorique, PSG-Real, VA - OM affair: Joël Cloarec, a career with ups and downs

  • 1 Brest Armorique (D1 and D2, 1986-1991)

  • First steps in pro…

    “1986, I arrived in Brest, after three years in Concarneau as an amateur. I didn’t go to a training center, I signed up as a trainee when I was 20. I first played in reserve (D3) then I evolved into first in 1987-1988 with Michel Sorin, Paul Le Guen, Roberto Cabañas, Jos Van Herpen… The rise in 1989 by the play-offs against Strasbourg remains a fondest memories…”

    … at liquidation

    ” Liquidation

    , we suffered it, because we had taken all our place in D1 at the time. We were cut off because Brest was a mini-Auxerre in power. There are parameters that we do not control and the end of the year 1991 was very difficult, until the liquidation in December. Brest is six years of my life… Leaving Brittany too was uprooting. We don’t only live on regrets, it was then other adventures. »

  • * On December 6, 1991, the judicial liquidation of Brest Armorique, then already administratively downgraded to D2, was pronounced. The club is renamed Stade Brestois and leaves in D3.

  • 2 Paris Saint-Germain (D1, 1992-1993)

    At PSG via Berry

    “Following the liquidation, there is a rule that says there can only be one Brest player in each club. Paris recovers David Ginola in January 1992. But Charles Biétry also wanted me, so I go to their antechamber in Châteauroux for six months, knowing that in July, I will join PSG. I met one of the two presidents, after François Yvinec, who marked me the most: Michel Denisot. It’s part of the quality human relationships you can have in life…”

    In the front row of PSG – Real Madrid

    “It’s the highlight of my career.

    . Even though I was on the bench, I just warmed up for a while (laughs)… My year in Paris is made up of as many regrets as satisfactions because I hardly played, with a coach (Artur Jorge) who was very little turning. But I trained with the most qualitative group of my career, with Ricardo, Ginola, Kombouaré, Lama… Valdo marked me the most. »

    * 4-1 victory on 18 March 1993 in the second leg of the UEFA Cup quarter-finals, after a 3-1 defeat in the first leg.

  • An atypical record

  • “I had to play only one minute of game with Paris. I’m in the record books, I’m often roomed with that! Stoppages were not taken into account at the time, so I had to play five or six minutes in Saint-Étienne, the first game of the season. I said to myself: “it’s good, you’re back in the first match!”. Except that I’m still waiting for my second appearance (laughs)! In March-April, on returning from a match, on a plane, talking with Denisot who was cheering me up, I asked to be loaned out. »

    3 Valenciennes (D2, 1993-1994)

    In the hell of the after VA – OM

    “I join Valenciennes. The VA-OM case

    has not yet burst in the media. The year that I lived is nothing compared to what Jacques Glassmann was able to live, with a security guard at his home, the public who insulted him everywhere… Beyond that, it drifted on everything the group. The first match, we are on the move in Nice: at the hotel and at the stadium, there is the GIGN with dogs and armed guys to ensure security. When we are in this context, we wonder if we are in football or something else. It was heavy, all this media unpacking which concerned the end of the previous season and impacted our season. »

    “On the pitch, it was complicated too. We supposedly had a team to go up immediately to D1. It was a mix of Bretons, with Stéphane Le Garrec, Northerners and some Bastiais too, it didn’t take well… We were relegated in a last match in National, in the last match against Nice. »
  • On May 1, 1991, Joël Cloarec and Brest received Olympique de Marseille from Manuel Amoros.

  • On May 1, 1991, Joël Cloarec and Brest received Olympique de Marseille from Manuel Amoros.

    On May 1, 1991, Joël Cloarec and Brest received Olympique de Marseille from Manuel Amoros. (File photo The Telegram)

    4 Briochin Stadium (D2, 1996-1997)

    From Guingamp to neighboring Briochin

    “I then left on a two-year lease with Guingamp (1994-1996). With a very good first year and a rise in D1. Then pubalgia during the second year and I hardly play. My contract is ending, I’m 30… I did a stint at the UNFP with the unemployed and through a friendly in Saint-Brieuc, the club called me and we concluded a new contract. »

    Still overtaken by football business
    … The story begins to go wrong again at the beginning of the year 1997. Difficult moments but which weld the men together. Power and money, whether in sport or politics, these are things that should perhaps not go together… And I decided to go to Vitré (as an amateur in 1997). »

    * Filing for bankruptcy on March 17, 1997, Saint-Brieuc CA was placed in compulsory liquidation on March 24. The reception of Louhans-Cuiseaux, March 22 (0-0), is the last match in D2 of the team then directed by Marc Collat.

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