Foot PSG – Neymar an uncontrollable “brat”, PSG wanted to humiliate him!

Foot PSG – Neymar an uncontrollable

Scorer against Pays de Cassel this Monday evening in the Coupe de France, Neymar nevertheless struggled to start his match, at all levels. Christophe Galtier wanted to change it at half-time, which could have caused a lot of talk.

For its Coupe de France match postponed to Monday evening to allow it to return in good conditions from its winter Qatar Tour, Paris SG played the game against Pays de Cassel. Facing amateurs who play in Regional 1, the Parisians put on almost their best team, and rolled out for a 7-0 victory which allowed Kylian Mbappé to sign a historic performance with five goals. An almost perfect evening for the capital club, which therefore offers itself the right to challenge OM in the next round.

Galtier demands guarantees from Neymar

However, there is a negative point that remained from this meeting, and it concerns Neymar. If he scored a very nice goal by making his opponents dance, the Brazilian did not really seem always involved in the game, getting annoyed even after the first contrasting minutes where he received a yellow card for a blow given in the face. In the process, he scored his goal and celebrated by grimacing at the public, which he does frequently, but it had the gift of heating Bollaert as rarely during this match. With a yellow card in his pocket and Neymar annoyance ” did Neymar according to Le Parisien, who gave him a score of 6/10 which is not huge in a match won 7-0 and where he was therefore expected to be very valuable.

And it’s not just Bollaert that Neymar’s start to the match heated up since Christophe Galtier did not appreciate the behavior of his player, who managed to get angry against sixth division players, and therefore played for an hour with the threat of a second yellow card, and therefore a red. Christophe Galtier thus thought of taking him out at half-time, but he changed his mind after talking with his number 10, making him understand that he had to finish the match. In the event of exclusion, it would once again be suspension matches and truncated preparation for the big upcoming PSG deadlines in February. “ I spoke to Ney at half-time and I was guaranteed that he was going to be much calmer and that there would therefore be no risk of taking a second card, slipped the technician. It seemed important to me that the two players (Neymar and Mbappé) could play together “, Delivered the coach of Paris SG, for whom the mission was accomplished at this level as the Brazilian and the French sought to collaborate.

Nevertheless, Neymar’s performance did not convince everyone. Present on site, Bertrand Latour believes that PSG still cannot count on the former Barcelona player to be at his best level at the moment. “ There are not a lot of lessons to be learned. That PSG was able to crush this team is not a surprise. It just remained to know the number that we could attach to the score. That Mbappé is better without Messi teaches us nothing. That Neymar is not very well in his pumps. This match does not allow us to say the opposite. It is true that I found him annoyed and irritable. Astonishment. Like he is when he’s not having a good time like he’s going through right now. We did not expect the best of what he is capable of giving in a match like this. It was freezing cold and I’m not sure it suits him perfectly. But after the final whistle, he stayed a few minutes to give away his jersey, his jacket, and take pictures. What he is far from doing every time at the Parc des Princes. I also saw that and so we can say that PSG really respected this team. I allow myself to insist on this because sometimes this Paris Saint-Germain club is a bit annoying from an attitude point of view. They lived up to the standard “, all the same underlined the journalist of La Chaine L’Equipe, who wishes to recall that Paris SG was impeccable before and after the meeting of the Coupe de France against Pays de Cassel.

The debate over Neymar’s attitude

Enough to ensure positive feedback from the amateurs faced, even if Neymar’s performance and attitude have mainly provoked negative reactions on the networks. ” Neymar was already a brat at 17 with Santos. He drove his teammates, coaches and opponents crazy. At 30 years old, seeing him still do that, against a baker and an office worker, is an illustration of his inability to evolve since the start of his career. “, thus balances the Espoirs du Football account, which revives the eternal debate on the attitude of the former prodigy of Santos. The rest of the season, where Neymar will be expected at the turn, will certainly say more about what PSG want to do with him in the future.