French team – Les Bleus, PSG, France and the Zidane mess

French team - Les Bleus, PSG, France and the Zidane mess

Icon of French football, Zinedine Zidane was zapped by the France team, and his possible arrival at PSG is not unanimous in the country. On the other hand, its rating abroad is still crazy.

A president of the Federation fired for having dared to attack Zinedine Zidane, this is the barely fictionalized scenario of the last weeks of French football. If an investigation had been opened into his actions long before his provocative outing against the legendary number 10 of the Blues, it was this famous interview at RMC that set fire to the powder and caused the exit of Noël Le Graët , pushed out and therefore withdrew from 3F. A wave of support for “Zizou” launched by Kylian Mbappé, for whom Le Graët went too far with his exit from the road. In France, Zidane has his critics, but he remains an icon, whom many would have seen as a future coach if Didier Deschamps had not been extended.

Zidane is OM, not PSG

This will not be the case, and as a result, his name is whispered on the side of Paris SG, who have dreamed of having him sit on the bench at the Parc des Princes for several years now. For the moment, the planets are never aligned to allow this collaboration, but Zidane was already ardently courted by Qatar last summer, before giving priority to the Blues. However, such an arrival is also displeasing in the south of France, where one does not imagine Zidane returning to the Vélodrome, but as a coach of the rival team, Paris Saint-Germain. It would be an affront and there is no doubt that, if he were to sign in Paris, “Zizou” would make Marseille cringe. First, the PSG, it is not possible. Paris, I don’t like, so we forget. But at OM, he is the only one capable of building something big. He is from Marseille, he knows what passion is, the real passion of an entire city for his club. He knows the soul of this club, he is even animated by it, in part, even years later “, Recently recalled Pascal Olmeta, who has kept some contact with Zinedine Zidane through his charity.

The reception is therefore quite cold in France, especially for a legend of the country. There are however destinations where Zidane would be welcome, and this unanimously. At Juventus, we clearly dream of rebuilding the club around its former player. Despite the current economic difficulties, the “zero” project with the former 21 of the bianconeri is making Piedmont salivate. In a recent Gazzetta poll, Zidane tops the list of choices for the future of Juventus, ahead of Antonio Conte or maintaining Massimiliano Allegri.

Zidane in English version, it is not won

Speaking of Antonio Conte, his future is in any case far from Tottenham. If Spurs are fighting to try to grab the Top4 synonymous with the Champions League, which will not be easy given the pace of Arsenal, City, United and Newcastle, the chances of seeing him stay at the end of the season are nil. Everyone agrees at Tottenham to put an end to this collaboration which has not borne fruit. As a result, nature abhors a vacuum, discussions about his successor are already going on, and the name of Zinedine Zidane even appears among bookmakers.

The French technician, three times winner of the Champions League with Real Madrid, does not really like the Premier League and is quite resistant to English, but he is in the list of possible Spurs managers all the same. A far cry from favorites Thomas Tuchel, Mauricio Pochettino and Ryan Mason, Zidane has a very high odds of 14 to 1, but the mere mention of his name has COYS fans salivating. Enough to confirm that the aura of “ZZ”, not necessarily estimated at its fair value in France, is still as important abroad. Without forgetting that the return of Zidane to Real Madrid is always mentioned, at a time when Carlo Ancelotti hides less and less his disagreements with Florentino Pérez. Without forgetting that the Italian coach makes Brazil’s selection salivate…