Kylian Mbappé vs Erling Haaland: between the two goalkeepers, the distance duel continues

Kylian Mbappé vs Erling Haaland: between the two goalkeepers, the distance duel continues

They only met twice on the field, yet they fight in the same championship: that of the most eager young scorer. Beyond their respective bursts of speed, Kylian Mbappé, 24, and Erling Haaland, 22, share an excessive taste for shaking nets. The French started to put the goals before the Norwegian. His collection is therefore logically fuller, the day after the first quintuplet of his career, against the Pays de Cassel.

With 223 goals in 301 games, the Bondynois are well ahead of the 166 pawns in 208 appearances of the Manchester City striker. On the other hand, the tall blond (1.95 m) blackens the statistics sheets more frantically. He maintains a staggering pace of 0.8 goals per game against 0.74 for Mbappé. If the latter is more of a passer than the Scandinavian (110 assists* against 39), the two scorers are decisive in the same proportions: every 68 minutes or so.

More involved in the game than the Citizen – still able to stretch the defenses with his calls – the Parisian is dominated in the Champions League. Haaland has compiled 28 goals in 23 games. A total more impressive than the 40 achievements in 59 meetings of Mbappé, although the vice-world champion sprinkles this record with 26 assists.

Four hat-tricks with City for Haaland

The Frenchman also stood out for the importance of the goals scored. Author of a hat-trick in Barcelona and a double in Munich in 2021, he was also the only Parisian to deceive Thibaut Courtois in the round of 16 against Real Madrid last year. The ex-Monegasque also played the main role during the ASM epic in C1 the year he hatched. Haaland’s experience in the Champions League knockout stages is less. Nevertheless, he proved that he shone even more surrounded by strong teammates, at the highest level of competition, than when he terrorized the lawns of the Austrian championship.

Since joining Dortmund, he has scored 87 times in 86 league games, Bundesliga and Premier League combined. If Manchester City is only second in England this season, the Norwegian has already signed four hat-tricks with the Skyblues. The latest? Sunday, against Wolverhampton Wolves. Among professionals, he also scored 14 hat-tricks (including five with RB Salzburg) and two quadruplets, with Dortmund and Molde.

Here too, “Kyks” is beaten. Also author of 2 quadruplets, he has “only” 12 triplets. Mbappé can however boast of being the only one of the two goleadors counting a quintuplet in his statistical suitcase. Haaland can always retort that he had catapulted nine balls into the net of Honduras, with the U 20 Norwegians.

However, it has difficulty supporting the comparison on the international level. Despite 21 achievements in 23 games in Norwegian colors, the native of Leeds has never seen the color of a World Cup. Mbappé, 36 goals, 23 assists in 66 games with the Blues, has already played two finals on the biggest stage in planetary football.

*Statistics Transfermarkt