Mbappé, the ordeal for his girlfriend!

Mbappé, the ordeal for his girlfriend!

The accusations recently made against Rose Bertram or the passions unleashed by Aya Nakamura this weekend by posting a snapshot with Kylian Mbappé attest to this: going out with Kylian Mbappé has consequences…

Aya Nakamura set fire to social networks on Saturday. The singer has indeed posted a series of photos of her ” Friday night “. And even more than the crop top worn by the interpreter of Djadja to attend the private concert of rapper Tyga, it is the cliché of the native of Bamako in the company of Kylian Mbappé who unleashed the passions. The two French stars had already had the opportunity to meet in the past, but this time the complicity seemed to be there.

Kylian Mbappé and Aya Nakamura also started following each other on Instagram after their Friday night party and the PSG striker responded to his publication by posting three “fire” emojis which did not fail to make people react. Many have pointed out that the singer was for example much less smiling, the day before, when she posed with Khabi Lame on the sidelines of the NBA game between the Bulls and the Pistons.

And some seemed downright convinced that the smiles and the complicity displayed by the two stars foreshadowed a romance and already saw them as a couple. And all the more so since both are officially single. While the rapper has been separated from Vladimir Boudkinoff since this fall, the tricolor world champion has never formalized any relationship.

Annoyance for Emma Smet, rant for Rose Bertram

The celebrity press has nevertheless lent several idylls to Kylan Mbappé, whether with actress Emma Smet, transgender model Inès Rau or her colleague Rose Bertram. Rumors abound about them. What makes them live sometimes difficult times. The daughter of David Hallyday and the granddaughter of Johnny Hallyday, yet broken into the thing, had also not hidden her annoyance when discussing the subject in the columns of Paris Match.

“Of course (we’re just friends). But I say it and I repeat it: I do not have to justify myself on the people with whom I am photographed“, she had hammered, well aware of the bad sides of social networks. “They are important for work, but they can also be very harmful. I try not to pay attention to hate messages”she explained last winter.

As for Rose Bertram, she was squarely the target of slanderous denunciations during the holidays. Enough to encourage her to push a resounding rant on Instagram to castigate the harassment of which she was the victim. ” 2023 started for me with hate and cyberbullying, this situation is the sad picture of what our society has become, she writes. None of what has been alleged is true, she wrote. The truth can in no way come from an ill-intentioned stranger who knows nothing of my private life and who moreover hides behind a screen. Most derogatory is the fact that some people may believe and feed all this nonsense. There is no proof of anything that has been said against me, but it’s all a bunch of lies that damage my image and my reputation.“, she indeed wrote.