Foot PSG – Zidane and Mbappé, Chelsea attacks PSG

Foot PSG – Zidane and Mbappé, Chelsea attacks PSG

PSG dreams of Zidane on his bench to train Kylian Mbappé and his teammates next season. Chelsea too and Todd Boehly is not the type to curb his enthusiasm to achieve his dreams.

Chelsea have made a name for themselves since the club was taken over by Todd Boehly. Not on the field, since the London club is bogged down in the Premier League with a messy game, an outdated manager and players who make football porridge. But in terms of recruitment and money spent, the Blues are very strong. Again this winter, recruits worth several tens of millions of euros follow one another, and that of Mudryk under the nose and beard of Arsenal for 100 ME has stunned all of England. What if PSG were the next victim of Chelsea’s inexhaustible thirst for dapper recruits? The same double victim. This is what the Daily Express suggested when planning for next summer.

Zidane at Chelsea, with full powers

Indeed, despite the long-term contract signed this fall when replacing Thomas Tuchel, Graham Potter will not resist a white season. This could kick off a completely crazy summer since the English media announces that the American owner dreams of what is best as a manager for his team: namely Zinedine Zidane. The French technician has the enormous advantage of being free, and therefore of being able to discuss with the clubs of his choice for next season. Even if, in this case, Chelsea still has a manager in place and “Zizou” does not really like behind-the-scenes maneuvers.

But the offer that will fall may well show the 1998 world champion that Chelsea are more than serious. According to OK Diario, Zidane will be offered a contract with a salary of 50 million euros gross per season, which would make him the highest paid technician in the world, ahead of Diego Simeone. An argument that can motivate you to learn the language of Shakespeare, Zidane’s great weakness. Because level favorable argument, the former coach of Real Madrid would have the status of manager and would deal directly with Todd Boehly for the transfer window.

Mbappé wants to work with Zidane

And that allows you to dream very big since Chelsea are convinced that Zidane’s arrival at Stamford Bridge could be the first piece of a puzzle that would see Kylian Mbappé sign with the Blues. Impossible to imagine if a place in the Champions League is not in the hands of the London club. But if that were to be the case, Chelsea in any case have the financial power of their ambitions. The Premier League is a championship that fascinates Mbappé, who was also able to clash with Real Madrid by dint of being announced there and never signing there. And next summer, the 2022 vice-world champion will only be one year away from the end of his contract, which will make talking inevitable. And will give ideas to a very ambitious club like Chelsea.

Despite the dizzying cost of such a double operation, Todd Boehly would have already confided in private that he would never deprive himself of a huge blow if ever the possibility were to exist. This is also why he was one of the most insistent clubs trying to sign Neymar last summer. And seen from England, we insist on the strong relationship between Mbappé and Zidane, in particular with the tweet of defense of the PSG player towards the tricolor legend when the latter was attacked by Noël Le Graët. A dream collaboration which, at present, is still more likely to happen in Paris than at Chelsea. But the London club has the means of its dreams and it intends to strike a blow this summer, in the wake of what it is in the process of achieving during the winter transfer window.