Stats and records: Kylian Mbappé received 5/5

Stats and records: Kylian Mbappé received 5/5

Author of an unprecedented quintuplet in the Coupe de France, the Paris Saint-Germain striker has also entered Parisian history a little more, while continuing to add to his book of records. Overview of the 5 points to remember!

5 goals and the top of the charts

For his entry into the running in the Coupe de France, Kylian Mbappé did not laugh! Established against the Pays de Cassel, Kylian Mbappé achieved a unique performance in the history of Paris Saint-Germain by becoming the first player to score a quintuplet in Rouge et Bleu, while offering himself the luxury of delivering a decisive pass.
A performance that allows the man who finished the World Cup as top scorer (8 goals), to currently be the best pyrotechnician in Ligue 1 (13 goals) and the Champions League (7 goals) and therefore to take also orders in the Coupe de France (5 goals).

5 steps from the record

It surely did not escape you, Kylian Mbappé likes to titillate the records since his arrival in the club of the capital. And if his hunting list is already well supplied, a target stands before him: the title of top scorer in the history of Paris Saint-Germain. At only 23 years old and with 196 goals on the clock, Kylian is very close to winning the grail, since he is only 5 small units away from dethroning the record set by Edinson Cavani, who has 200 goals in the Red jersey. and Blue. The story is on…

5 star smugglers

My luck here is that I’m in a team where I’m in the best conditions to perform. When you evolve in a collective where the players who serve me are Messi or Neymar, it is necessarily easier, we are not going to tell stories “, confided Kylian Mbappé to PSGTV a little over a year ago.

The modesty of recognizing that if he manages to create the spark, it is also because he knew how to be surrounded by the best as a launching pad since his arrival in the City of Light.
By the way, did you know that Neymar Jr has now delivered 25 assists to Kylian Mbappé, becoming the Frenchman’s best passer in his career in all competitions? In this exercise, and since his pass in the Coupe de France, the Brazilian now exceeds Angel Di Maria (24).

His 5 favorite opponents

Of all the defenses he was able to face, of all the goalkeepers he faced, in almost all the stadiums he visited, Kylian knew how to find the fault to shake the nets. Scorer against Juventus or Barcelona, ​​on the lawn of Bayern Munich or Real Madrid, against Manchester City, Borussia Dortmund or Manchester United… “KM7” collects victims on the green rectangle.
But his 5 favorite opponents are indeed on the grounds of France!

Indeed, it is against Dijon (12 goals), Lyon, Monaco and Montpellier (10 goals), then Angers, Lille or Saint-Etienne (8), that Kylian has sharpened his weapons the most in the Parisian jersey. We remember in particular his sensational quadruple against the Lyonnais in 2018, or his appetite for matches against his former Monegasque club, of which he has become one of the main executioners in recent years. Special mention for the MHSC, therefore, which he met 10 times with Paris for 10 goals!

The BIG 5

Kylian is a bit of a summer hit, with the difference that he crosses the seasons without ever leaving the hit parades. Moreover, proof of his consistency over time, our striker managed to close the year 2022 as the continent’s top scorer, with no less than 56 goals scored in 56 games in all competitions. All ahead of Erling Haaland (46) and Robert Lewandowski (42). And obviously, the native of Bondy intends to start again on the same bases, with these 5 marked achievements! For comparison, the Norwegian has scored 4 since the year, against 2 for the Pole. So, Kylian again attacking the European top 5?