3 Secrets on the Power of Images on Your Website That No Expert Is Telling You.

//3 Secrets on the Power of Images on Your Website That No Expert Is Telling You.

3 Secrets on the Power of Images on Your Website That No Expert Is Telling You.

When building a website, you always have several aims. These objectives include boosting your traffic, attracting more visitors, enhancing online presence and conversion rates. To achieve this, your site must be attractive. No one will visit a dull looking site regardless of the quality and essentiality of the content posted.

Having images is one of the ideas to enhance your site views. Your website imagery can attract or scare away followers and viewers. Remember, the first impression holds the water for the success or failure of your online business. If you are unable to do it in the right way, failure will be the apparent results. Here are three secrets on the power of images on your website:

a)   Quality images result in brand trust

In the cybercrime filled era, the appearance of your website determines whether your target audience will view you as a genuine person or a scammer. Uploading low-quality images reflect poor brand in the customers’ mind. Also, some customers think of you as either offering counterfeits or a scammer with a goal of stealing from them. As you know, customer trust in your brand is pivotal to your business success. Hence, if you want to earn brand trust from your prospects, you must ensure you upload high-quality images.

b)   Images act as your text content boosters

One mistake many content writers and web managers do is assuming that images are not essential. For this reason, they post any image without considering whether it is relevant to the content of the website. It is not surprising to find an animal image on a website marketing human food. Therefore, to avoid falling into the same trap, it is essential to understand that images boost your text content. Your site imagery should convey the same message conveyed by your text. Otherwise, having irrelevant images leads to confusion and loss of following as people view you as a joker or unprofessional service provider.

c)    Images create reality on your site

Have you ever read a story full of words without any image? No matter how interesting it was, you probably didn’t complete it. In fact, the reason why many people read the newspaper is that of the images on it. People usually associate with what they can see. For this reason, having images on your site cements visitors’ on it as they try to understand its meaning and the story behind it. Also, they share the same with peers. This way, your site becomes part of their daily life.
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