3 Must-Have Features of a Photography Website

//3 Must-Have Features of a Photography Website

3 Must-Have Features of a Photography Website

Having well-designed photography is a great step to achieving your online photo selling dream. Such a site can attract visitors and increase your traffic levels. However, the site design and layout is not the end. To get more out of your work, you need some special features that will make it easy for you to engage and transact with your audience. Also, you need features to showcase your images to help your prospects decide on whether your services are the best fit for them or go for an alternative. Even though you cannot own an expensive photography website, here are three must-have features of a site to showcase your photo works:

Photo gallery

A gallery is a file containing samples of your photo work. The feature allows you to store your works and display them on your site for the visitors to interact with them. Also, the gallery gives you an opportunity to protect your works as it is not easy to download images without your permission. Furthermore, you can show slides in your gallery making it easy for your prospects to view your images and photography without necessarily having to scroll through the file.

Scheduling apps

Unlike other businesses, photography is a service that requires planning and appointment arrangement. As you know, it is hard to remember all your discussions with customers and days they booked you for an appointment. For this reason, having a scheduling app is a crucial idea in ensuring your business success. The scheduling app enables you to set days and time for each appointment with a client.

By this, it will be hard to confuse one photo shooting event with another or allocating one day for several events. Hence, scheduling apps are essential tools in your site. Also, you can display your schedules to the customer to help them select the appropriate time for their shooting events.

Payment options

Unless you are offering your photography services for free, you will always need to transact with your clients. Also, some visitors may have interest in the images you display on your site. However, you may not be available to give them your account number or email to your PayPal account. As a result, you lose sales in the process. For this reason, you need to integrate payment options in your website. This way, you will have 24/7 transactions and avoid losing any revenue generating opportunity.
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