Avoid These 3killer Photography Website Building Errors

//Avoid These 3killer Photography Website Building Errors

Avoid These 3killer Photography Website Building Errors

Like any other niche having a website for your photography is a good idea. Unless you are offering free images, a website is an essential online marketing tool. It is your virtual platform to showcase your skills and professionalism. While this is a good way to establish your brand, it is only beneficial if done the right way.  Making mistakes is part of learning. However, failing to learn from other people’s errors is the best way to fail. If you are a newbie or a first timer web owner, avoid these three photography web building errors:

Not using the right web template

Your website theme is the first impression creator. It tells a visitor what your site is about before they peruse through it. Using the wrong template can give a different interpretation to them against what you do. For instance, using a template designed for the cosmetic website on a photography one results to confusion. The audiences fail to understand what your site is all about and view your service as unprofessional. As such, you need to avoid this mistake. Always choose the right photography website theme if you want your site to stand out. This way, you will be able to showcase your work without any challenges and hurdles.

Making your homepage unattractive

Most web owners think that uploading most of your information on the homepage is the best way to convince visitors. Or else, this practice will make easy for you to showcase your work easy. In contrary, uploading excess content in one-page results to a drop in the site loading speed. In the end, the act hurts your views and SEO ranking.

Also, it makes it boring for the visitors as they have to keep on scrolling. To enhance the attractiveness of your homepage, always make it simple by only uploading your best photography work. By this, you will create a great first impression and attract more visitors.

Avoiding social media buttons

Are you one of those people holding the idea that social media is a platform for sharing rumors and false news? Well, you are behind the time. Unlike the early days, social media is now a central marketing tool. Having the social media icons on your site opens a door for sharing and free marketing of your works. As such, if you want to stand out and market your photography work, ensure your site has social media icons.

Avoiding the above mistakes on your photography website can help you to establish a reputable site and attract more visitors.
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